By Ana Flávia Machado, Débora Freire, Rodrigo Cavalcante Michel, Gabriel Vaz de Melo, and Alice Demattos Guimarães


The Covid-19 global pandemic has drastically changed routines in worldwide. Given the high capacity of this virus reproduction, the most effective measure is social isolation. In this context, certain economic activities which are based on consumption outside the home and shared with other individuals, i.e.: sessions in movie theatres, live performances (theatre, dance, concerts, etc.), visits to galleries and museums, are and will be significantly affected by the current pandemic. Therefore, our objective is to discuss the Brazilian cultural sector, projecting the impacts of the shutdown of cultural activities outside home in both the cultural sector and broadly in the economy. Continue reading “EFFECTS OF COVID-19 IN BRAZILIAN CULTURAL ECONOMICS”


By Koen van Eijck


Cultural consumers are increasingly hard to pin down as a certain type of consumer with a clearly defined taste. In addition, younger generations show a declining interest in canonized art forms. At the same time, government support for the arts is being reduced in many countries, including the Netherlands, and consumers too have less to spend on art. What are the consequences of this situation for cultural policy makers, producers and venues? Continue reading “VOLATILE ART AUDIENCES”

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